About Requests

Here at SCGC, we love talking guns with our customers. 

We love finding those hard-to-find items for our customers and ensuring a positive shopping experience. 


Our Requests program provides a unique shopping experience. A request is entered and then you are later contacted about the specifics of the item. 

We try to respond to requests the same day we receive them, during times of high volume requests, it may take more time. Please be patient and we will get to your request. 

Under the circumstances that an item is only available on back order, we will place the back order and hold your spot for that gun. 

When the item is ready to be shipped, we will contact you with a link for purchase of the item. If you have purchased the item in the meantime, or no longer wish to purchase, let us know and we will cancel the back order without issue. 

Our package deals create a unique opportunity as well. We want to ensure that your gun is ready with the accessories and extras that you want, on the day you receive it. To ensure this satisfaction, we do package deals regularly for our customers. 

Our packages allow for a customer to buy everything discussed, using just one URL. 

We will outline the package in detail in the description so you know exactly what the contents is, and you will click "Add to Cart" and the entire package will be added.